WMW Change "What does it mean?"

Westminster Woods Camp


What is new?

The Presbytery of Southern Kansas has graciously allowed Westminster Woods, under a covenant agreement, to become its own 501c-3. It will officially be known as Westminster Woods Camp & Retreat Center, Inc. A not-for-profit ministry. We share this news in recognition that the presbytery is allowing Westminster Woods to “grow up” in the same way that parents, after years of love and support, release their children into the world to become everything they were raised to be. This is not a “divorce” from the presbytery. We will continue to work with the churches of the presbytery and would appreciate continued support from all of you!


What does this mean for the camp?

Brian and Diane will continue to be the director and assistant director of Westminster Woods. The difference in leadership is that instead of the camp being run by the Presbytery of Southern Kansas, there is a new Board of Directors that oversees the camp. The board is comprised of 15 members with over 50% of them being current members of a Presbytery of Southern Kansas church. 


What does this mean for the churches?

Westminster Woods will offer the same summer camp and winter retreat programs that we have always offered. According to the covenant agreement, the presbytery will continue to encourage its churches to send their campers to Westminster Woods. Westminster Woods is still your camp. The presbytery will also continue to financially support Westminster Woods with an annual amount of $60,000 for the first five years. 


What does this mean for parents? 

Westminster Woods will continue to share the love and truth of the Gospel through camp ministry. You can continue to sign up and pay for the winter retreats and summer camp the same way it’s been for the last few years. This can either be through the church or directly to the camp.

What does it mean for the organizations that rent the camp?
There is no change for you. Your contracts were moved to the new not-for-profit and you will receive the same great experience as always! 


Westminster Woods is dedicated to the Glory of God. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We are excited for the continued ministry of Westminster Woods.