Family Camp

Family Camp 2012

The Journey

John 8:12

Over the weekend of June 1-3 we had the amazing opportunity to welcome young campers along with their families for a couple of fun filled days. As families began to arrive with excited campers we kicked off the weekend with a high energy chapel service to introduce our theme, "The Journey". Chapel began with praise in the form of music. Then it continued with how we would be discussing who Jesus is and why it is important to keep our eyes on Him as we learn to follow Him. Following chapel we played the game anatomy shuffle and the pull up game. The evening ended with a vespers service with a surprise appearance from Wilma the Wilderness Woman who wandered in to share why it is important to bring love on your Christian Journey. Saturday we woke up bright and early to have breakfast and do morning devotions as a family. Morning chapel was spent in worship and learning about Who Jesus is (John 4:9-10, 15). After chapel the boys went on a scavenger hunt and the girls made nature pictures. The afternoon was spent at the lake, doing crafts in the dining hall, and playing board games. Evening Chapel consisted of kids learning Energizers, praise and worship, and lastly everyone learned about following Jesus (Luke 9:23, Hebrews 12:12). Then the kids headed over to the Nelson Shelter for a variety of water games including dribble, dribble, drench and water balloon piñata. As the kids had fun getting soaked with water too cool off from the hot day they also enjoyed delicious snacks before heading off to vespers. Vespers included praise and worship and a special appearance from Ulga the wilderness woman, she shared on the comfort that God brings to us when we are fearful. The night ended with cabin devotions with the families and their counselors. The following morning we started off with breakfast and morning devotions. Then headed off to our final chapel service where the theme of the weekend was summarized and reinforced why it is important to follow Jesus. After a snap of a few pictures and a last game of pull up the campers packed up and said their goodbyes.