5th 6th Grade Day 1

On Monday 108 campers and 13 participants in the leadership development program arrived and began their Journey!

The first night, with lots of laughter and high energy, the campers praised Jesus and were introduced to the idea of embarking on a Christian journey. After chapel, the campers played games around the dining hall. The favorite was GaGa ball. 9 Square in the air was a close second. Anytime a cabin has a little free time they can usually be found in the Octagon playing GaGa ball! The evening ended with Westminster Woods Vespers, a long standing tradition of ending our day with music and scripture.

Tuesday morning began with a great breakfast and some quiet time. Chapel soon followed with lots of music worship and then they learned about looking to the Bible to see who Jesus is. Neal taught them that on their journey they have to know who Jesus is because that is who they will be following. Tuesday evening they watched a skit on "Being saved by Gracie" Neal then taught them that their journey truly begins when they learn about God's grace and accept His gift of Salvation.  Then off to games and Vespers!