Health Information and Medication Forms

1. Every Camper is required to submit a Health Information Form upon registration. This is required whether or not they have any health concerns or medications.  Click here to get the 2021 Health Information Form Please mail this to camp immediately.
If you have already filled out a Medical Information Form for a 2021 Winter Retreat and your information has not changed in any way, you do not have to turn in a new form. Health information is shared on a need to know basis only.

2. If you bring any medications (even over the counter) they must be turned into the first aid room. You must also include a Medication Form in the bag with your medications. Please do NOT turn in this form in advance. Please include it with the medication. You can download and print a   Medication Form here.

Medications must be in their original containers. If the medication is over the counter, please mark it with the camper’s name. If you are bringing multiple medications, please place them in a Ziploc bag and mark it with the camper’s name. Our health room is staffed with a health room worker who is first aid certified, handles the storage of medications and treats any minor accidents that may occur. Any accident requiring professional assistance is treated with a trip to the emergency room or the camp designated doctor. The closest hospital is approximately 13 miles away in Fredonia, Kansas.