Dates & Cost of Camp

Westminster Woods Summer Camp 2017
(Camps are based on the grade you are entering the next school year)

  • 3rd 4th Grade Camp  Tuesday, May 30th to Friday, June 2nd
  • 5th 6th Grade Camp   Monday, June 5th to Friday, June 9th
  • 7th 8th Grade Camp   Monday, June 12th to Friday, June 16th
  • High School Camp     Monday, June 19th to Sunday, June 25th

3 Tiered Pricing- Why?
Westminster Woods has decided to implement this type of voluntary payment program because we know that families have different abilities to pay. We want every camper who wants to attend Westminster Woods to be able to do so. It is an honor system, you choose your price based on what is affordable for you. Every camper will receive the same camp experience.
Tier 1: This is our historic subsidized price. This price in no way reflects the true cost of having a camper attend Westminster Woods.
Tier 2: This is also a subsidized price. This is an option for those who can afford a little more than tier 1.
Tier 3. This is still a subsidized price. But it is a step closer to the actual cost of camp.
Goals: Westminster Woods is dedicated to helping campers build a personal relationship with Christ. We are dedicated to offering this opportunity to all campers regardless of their income status and we are dedicated to preserving camp for many generations to come.

Choose your Discount!!

2017 Prices & Dates
                                                       Tier 1        Tier 2        Tier 3

3rd/4th Grade (May 30-2nd)             $235        $285        $335
5th/6th Grade (June 5th-9th)            $325        $375        $425
7th/8th Grade (June 12th-16th)        $325        $375        $425
High School    (June 19th-25th)        $480        $555        $630

*Family Fun Day is Saturday, May 27th. The cost is $15 per person or a maximum of $50 per family. There is more information on the Family Fund Day tab under the summer camp heading on this website.


Bring friends to camp. Receive $50 off your camp fee for each camper you bring to camp with you. It must be their first time at a PSK camp or retreat and they must attend the same week as you. Simply write their name on the line on your registration form and subtract $50 from your registration fee for each person who attends. (This discount excludes 3rd & 4th camp and Family Fun Day)